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Grace4Life - Christianity
- A 12-lesson discipleship
designed to equip Christian workers
and their congregations to lead lives of fruitful
service for the glory of God and the good of
others -  and - to do so motivated by love
rather than guilt, fear or a desire to earn the
favour of God or others.

NOTE 2017: The Grace4Life course
is available as a download free of
charge. Click on "Course Materials"
in the main menu above.

For maximum benefit, we encourage couples
to do the course together if at all possible.

We have taught this course
in several of
venues over the past 18 months. The full
manual will not be available until Q4 this year
(2008). In the meantime, each participant is
supplied with a vinyl clamp-binder and lesson
handouts. Our ministry is strictly non-profit.
The materials are supplied for a modest
donation of £6.00 per student to cover the
bared costs of the ring binder, printed lessons,
and, upon successful completion of the course,
a CD-ROM containing all the course materials.
In the case of married couples, each will need
their own personal manual.    

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Grace Preaching - an
Expository Approach

A ten-session course
using the text:
Expository Preaching:
Redeeming the
Expository Sermon
by Dr. Bryan Chapell,
president of Covenant
Theological Seminary
in St. Louis, Missouri,

The text book is provided
to pastors and ministerial students free of
charge. A minimal charge of £4.00 covers
the cost of the class discussion guides in a
heavy duty vinyl clamp-binder.


Tim Keller Study Courses

Pastor Builders Series   
from The Ockenga Institute
of Gordon-Conwell
Theological Seminary

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Preaching to the Heart - Keller
(via audio CD-ROM with lecture notes)

A six-session audio lecture series recorded
by at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
A minimal charge of £4.00 covers the cost of
the class discussion notes in a heavy duty
vinyl clamp-binder. Spirited group
discussion dispersed throughout the lectures
that interest is kept at a high level.
.............. 4 ...............

Evangelism & Church Planting
in Post-modern Cities - Keller

This is a 4-session study with spirited
group interaction (dispersed throughout the
audio lecture) using Dr. Tim Keller's lecture
series from the 2005 Ockenga Institute at
GCTS in   Beverly, Massachusetts, USA. Dr.
Keller's 75 page syllabus is available for
reference during the lectures. (These are
copyrighted materials so must be turned
back in by the students - unless they choose
to purchase the CD-ROM series from Clear
Cut Media, the authorised distributor in the



ALL courses require a 2-hour time block per
session. This allows ample time for the
teaching, discussion, and the odd BreakOut
session for small group assignments and

Meetings are typically fortnightly, though  
weekly is certainly an option.

Classes are usually from 10 am to 12 noon,
but afternoon or evening classes can be
arranged to suit your schedules.

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"Many Little Heads are Better
than One Big Head" Sermon
Writing Workshops
- Astound your
congregation with your vast store of biblical
wit and wisdom - all purloined from your
peers! We jest, but, God can and does bless
in extraordinary ways when  pastors gather
round a table to brainstorm over a passage
together. Ask Chris Bennett or Chris
Hawthorne who have both benefited.


Greater Metro London venues used thus far:

London Theological Seminary

Highbury Baptist Church
(a 5 minute
walk from the Highbury-Islington
Underground Station)

Grove Hill Evangelical Church in Grove

Other locations more convenient to
you will be gladly considered.

Just ask!
The five courses listed were led
by Dr. Johnny Long under the auspices of
the Urban Harvest Network and/or the
John Owen Centre for Theological Study.

NOTE: The Longs ministered in London from 2005 to 2011
and are now based with SERGE in the USA. These course
descriptions are for reference only. Thanks! - Johnny
Teaching the "Christ-Centered Preaching" course at
London Theological Seminary - a real treat, meeting
in the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Library.