Though some of these notes
include  personal words of thanks, we under-
stand that it was the Gospel message that
refreshed the hearts of these writers - not
the clay pots God happened to use for
its transport.


"Two years ago I wasn't sure that
Grace4life was the main thing our church
needed - there might be the odd legalist
here and there but our main issues were
elsewhere, I thought.  However our
experience of the course at a weekend
away together and then on some
Wednesday nights afterwards showed how
wrong I was - that many of our people
were struggling with issues of acceptance
before God. The course doesn't only help a
vast amount with that, but highlights God's
holiness and transcendence in a
thoroughly biblical way.  Our church has -
thankfully - never been the same since.
"In other words, this is not some quirky
pick-me-up for some really odd and
depressed or proud and hard Christians,
who've somehow got into extreme
Christian conservatism; this is a pastorally
and psychologically wise way of getting
the good old gospel of grace, as redis-
covered by Luther and rejoiced in by
happy Calvinists like Spurgeon, B.B.
Warfield and Herman Bavinck, into the
minds and hearts of all kinds of Christians
today, including people from Calvin's
tradition.  I whole-heartedly commend it."

- Rev. Chris Bennett, Pastor of Wilton
Community Church (FIEC), Muswell Hill, N.
London, and Lecturer in New Testament and
Greek at London Theological Seminary.

"Why are you reading this testimonial?
Perhaps you have been intrigued by what
you have seen on the website. Perhaps
you have been upset by it! Perhaps you
are a Christian, even a Christian worker,
searching for help for other Christians
around you? Perhaps you are simply nosey!
"Let me tell you a little about me. I am
the pastor of a church – have been for 2
years now – and I find it very hard. It is
hard to pray, hard to study, hard to visit.
There are times when I think, ”I should
not be standing in front of these people
The reason it is hard is, in the words of
Tim Keller, “Religion is the default mode of
the heart.” So I find it hard to pray
because I think I should. Study is not a
delight because I tell myself I need to
please God. Visiting is difficult because to
honor God I’m sure I must spend time with
people, even the difficult ones! But I keep
doing it because I don’t want people to
think I’m not holy!
"I thank the Lord for Johnny because he
always reminds me of the gospel – that
though I seem to think that God is not for
me, and so I must impress him - when I
was his enemy he performed a cosmic
reconciliation for my sake, through the
blood of his cross. - "In him [Christ] all
the fullness of God was pleased to dwell,   
and through him to reconcile to himself all
things, whether on earth or in heaven,
making peace by the blood of his cross."
- Col. 1:19, 20)
"So prayer is not a desperate and
uncertain effort to get God to work, it is a
wonder and a joy to speak to the Lord of
heaven and earth who loves me.
"So study is not a flesh-motivated quest
to extract from the Bible some clever new
thought. Rather it is seeking to know
better a Saviour who so delights to make
himself known, that he sustained the life
and breath of those who beat the nails
into his hands and feet.
"Visiting becomes an opportunity to tell
someone else that the Holy One
enthroned in the temple of heaven, died
for sinners – like me and you!    
"So when I stand up in front of people, I
know I shouldn't be there, but I can’t stay
away because I have good news!
"Johnny reminds me of the gospel and in
God’s mercy, he will use Grace4Life to
write it in deeper lines on your heart."

- Pastor Chris Hawthorne, St. John’s Wood
Road Baptist Church, London (Grace Baptist

"When I first met Johnny,
I thought "Oh
no, a smooth, proud American who thinks
he's got all the answers." But when he
started speaking at the conference I was
attending, I was bowled over by his
humility. It was real and genuine. As he
started to describe his Christian
experience, he seemed to be describing
my life: pure Pharisee, wonderfully holy
and pulpit thumpingly passionate when
preaching, but inside full of pride and sin
and self and joylessness.
"When he explained the gospel (to us
pastors), it took me a while to get it.
I thought 'How can I have been a Christian
all these years, be at the start of Christian
ministry, and have forgotten the gospel?'
But forget it I had, and this man made me
remember it and re-believe it and continue
to embrace it until it embraced me and
empowered me to change from the inside
"Very slowly I am starting to find I am
motivated by love for God, not by guiltily
wanting to somehow impress God. Thank
you so much. You showed me the gospel

- Rev. James Cater, Assistant Pastor,
Carey Baptist Church, Reading, England


"Over the past seven years or so,
Long has served me as a mentor in the
gospel. Through Johnny's friendship,
teaching and example, the Lord has given
me a new paradigm for pastoral ministry
— a paradigm that is moving me from
being strong and able (a cover) to being
weak and needy (the reality) — a position
that the flesh hates but the Spirit loves,
since, as I am learning, grace (to justify
and to sanctify) flows downhill.
"So if you are afraid of God reorienting the
paradigm of your life through the power of
the gospel, afraid of giving up your pursuit
of ministry righteousness and afraid of
being the big sinner who needs a big
Savior who boasts only in the cross, then
please, stay far, far away from Johnny
and Becky Long. And whatever you do,
don't take the Grace4Life course!"

- Rev. Dr. McKay Caston, church-planting
pastor in the Presbyterian Church of America
- Georgia, USA
www.thecastonchronicles.blogspot.com -

"Becky, your testimony had a significant
impact on our Bible study. S., a
missionary, just shared this week and told
how encouraging it was to hear from you.
She commented that when she came to
Christ years ago, there were three things
that took root in her mind concerning her
new life as a Christian. 1) …that God
created her to do good works (Eph 2:10)
2) ….that without good works her faith is
dead (James) 3) …that she must be holy
as God is holy.
"As a result she has been "driven" her
whole Christian life and has never felt free
to say "no" and in fact feels that she must
always be working. This has taken a great
toll on her and with the help of her mission
and counselors she is on a path back to
"Your talk and life experience was another
significant step for her in understanding
and encouragement and in reminding her
of how precious it is to be a daughter and
not a slave.
"Cosette has been revolutionized by your
teaching and is diligently studying the book
so she can start teaching others.
"Becky, I so appreciate how transparent
you were about anger. I have been so
ashamed of my anger and want the Lord
to expose it for what it is. My nature is to
excuse it or hide it or try to pretend it is
something different than what it is…a
deadly power that is the opposite of God’s
pure love. You’ve encouraged me to face
it, confess it honestly (repent!) and then
trust in the power of the Spirit to show
me a
different way."

- Carol Smith - Mrs. Stephen Smith -
Missionary to Ivory Coast, West Africa -


"Hi Johnny,
Just wanted to say thanks for the talks you
did at 'Saved 2 Serve' on  Saturday. Its
given me some food for thought. Its great
to see someone who's willing to be real
about the issues we face in the Christian  
life. Its striking how easy it is to be self
deceived and have the wrong motivation
for doing the right thing (I'm glad I'm not
the only one!). I just thought I'd send you
a quick email to encourage you and
thank you for your ministry.
In Christ, Jim"

- Jim is a 20-something lad from the Midlands
who attended the 'Saved 2 Serve' conference
in St. John's Wood, London back in February


"I have reviewed this carefully, and find
here a great hoard of edifying material, enriched
by popular, persuasive illustrations. I must
rejoice to find so many of my own perceptions
embedded in a powerful discipling movement on
the growing edge of world Christianity."

- Dr. Richard Lovelace - Gordon-Conwell
Theological Seminary author of Dynamics of
Spiritual Life, etc. - written on the cover of my
doctoral thesis -
SONSHIP for Africa:
Discipleship for God's Disciplemakers