Here are links to some downright  
fantastic, some wonderful, and some rather
more odd Christian web sites.

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For a little spice...


► Christians Quoting

Graham Weeks, my good friend and fellow-
elder in the International Presbyterian Church
(Ealing) maintains this treasure-trove of
biblical (and not-so-biblical) wit & wisdom.

Here you will find (take a deep breath)
10,201 quotes on 654 topics with 2,452
authors indexed with 903 links. Topics range
from the very serious to the humourous -
including such useful tools as "An Application
for Permission to Date My Daughter" for all you
nervous fathers out there - and what father
among us isn't?

Do check out Graham's site. You may very well
find it habit-forming.


►The Ship of Fools

(Much Wit - Little Wisdom)

Ship of Fools is a London-based webzine
which bills itself as "'the magazine of Christian
unrest' - an independent, non-commercial site
run by a group of writers in their spare  time.
The ship sails under the flag of orthodox
Christianity, but on a buccaneering voyage."

Quite "Monty-Pythonish," this site helps us
Christians poke fun at ourselves. Thus is
should be studiously eschewed by all who
insist on taking themselves very seriously.

You have been warned.     

Actually, the site actually has a redeeming
feature or two. Without the good people at
Ship of Fools, I'd not have known where to
buy my very own pair of
Armor of God PJs! (DEAD LINK)



► StudyLight

This online Bible resource site is so good,  that
if desktop icons could wear out with use, mine
for StudyLight icon would have disap- peared
altogether. SL has a dozen or more versions of
the Bible with full search functions.

You can search for a passage, a word, or a
phrase - in the whole Bible - or limiting the
search to Old or New Testaments, or single
books or book groups (Decalogue, Pauline
epistles, etc.).

Even if you're not a student of Hebrew or
Greek, there are original language helps for the
English-only Bible reader. Strong's Greek and
Hebrew dictionary definitions are available with
a click. You may have to putter around a bit to
figure out how to do it all, but it's a veritable
GOLDMINE just waiting for you!   

There is also a REFERENCE LIBRARY and
discussion FORUMS, plus other resources which
I'll leave you to discover. Enjoy!

You can create your own account (free) that
will remember your settings - or just use it as   
a perennial guest.

BIBLICAL &       

► Theology Network

This is a new site from UCCF - The Christian
Unions UK. You'll find both text documents and
topical audio lectures (printable and
downloadable) on a wide range of theological
subjects from well-known Christian authors and
teachers from past to present - from Calvin to
Norman Geisler, Wayne Grudem, Don Carson,

And, to top it off, there is a stellar search engine
of the entire database.

► Third Millennium Ministries ◄

Third Millennium Ministries
is the brainchild
(and what a
child!) of Dr. Richard Pratt,
ajunct professor of Old Testament
at Reformed Theological Seminary USA. Many
years ago, Richard had a vision to provide
quality theological education to disadvantaged
men and women who lacked the sort of
resources we take for granted in the developed
world. Don't miss a thorough investigation of
this amazing website/ ministry.   

Don't let this frighten you away, but... this   
amazing ministry website offers a 54-hour   
acreditable masters curriculum consisting of 540
seminary hours. And, you can pick your
language: English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian or

This is a lay-friendly site - not something  
designed for brain surgeons and atomic

There are video sources and lectures galore.  
"Third Millennium's video curriculum has been
distributed in 5 languages throughout 52
countries. It is used by pastors, missionaries,
students, Bible schools, seminaries, churches
and many others. To date we have distributed
approximately 2,863,000 video lessons."

This is "distance education" at its very best.
A stunning site not to be missed!


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