Only a few titles will merit mention on
this  page. Why so?   

Grace4Life ministry "cheats" in that
we take for granted that you who study
with us are building a
broad biblical and
theological foundation through other means.
Our purpose here is not breadth, but depth
- and in one particular area - that of
personal sanctification - and that of a type
sanctification by Gospel faith as opposed
to sanctification by "human effort" (viz.
Galatians 3:5).

I was nurtured in the Evangelical-Reformed
scholastic tradition - a very commendable
passion for sound doctrine but without an
equally vigorous discipleship of the heart.

Grace4Life strives to balance knowing
about God with
knowing God. My years of
teaching (and observing my often cold and
hard heart) have confirmed that many -
even those in vocational ministry - are far  
more comfortable learning more truths
about God than cultivating deeper intimacy
with him. It is easy to hide from our need to
be deeply changed when we can assure
ourselves that we are more correct in what
we know about God and his ways than the
next person.

Having played that soul-deadening game for
my first twenty-five years of ministry, I
have committed the remainder of it to
helping others in this regard. J.I. Packer put
it this way: "In the end, it is never doctrine
believed, but doctrine applied that counts."


And while I have your eye...

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Stellar Keller!

This is post- modern apologetics at its best.  
After a brief "Intermission" comes the second
half - "The Reasons for Faith" - a bold
presentation of the Gospel that will have you
reaching for your bank card as you mentally
calculate how many copies you can afford for
all the seekers and skeptics in your life circle.

I AM STUNNED by how good this book is. I
finished a first reading on 10 March, and have
begun a second run-through. Yes, it's that
good. Keller teaches us to think apologetically
for MODERNS. I studied under VanTil in 1967
(he was on-loan to RTS from Westminster) and
needed every scrap of my university minor in
Philosophy understand him. Keller is deep, but
he writes for everyman.

ANY NEGATIVES? A few, but I'll leave those
for Tim's more able critics.

A BRIEF READER-GUIDE for the book is
available at

For every pastor/
teacher/ leader this
book is a must-read. "God choses leaders who
aren't deceived by the myths of power and
control, but who realize that God's power is
found in brokenness."

Evangelical Theology of Renewal,
by Dr.
Richard F. Lovelace, IVP, .1979  

Yes, I've read it all -
the first 270 pages
(the best bit) at least
three times. It's that good.


Caveat: The content is fantastic but the
cover? Hands-down, this cheap reprint wins
the title of ●most hideous volume in my library.

"Every once in a while a
book comes along which
distills and delivers the
truths of the Bible with
profound simplicity and
disruptive integrity.

From Fear to Freedom is just such a volume.
Rose Marie writes as both a skilled teacher of
the Scriptures and a living epistle of God's
grace. Her book is a dangerous collection of
insights into the liberating power of God's
love. Like a Trojan Horse, this seemingly
harmless grandmother offers stories
calculated to bring freedom to prisoners (like
me) of unbelief, legalism and self-pity. Read
with care, but by all means read!"

- Dr. Scotty Smith, Christ Community
Presbyterian Church (PCA), Nashville, TN USA
FOR GOD: Belief
in an Age of
- by Dr.
Timothy Keller,
Dutton, 2008.

This is a two-parter,
the first, "The Leap
of Doubt" deals with
the seven most
common objections
to the Christian faith.
My mentor, Dr. C.
John "Jack" Miller,
the man who "gave
me back the Gospel,"
said of Dynamics:
"Next to the Bible,
this book has done
more than any other
to influence my view
of the Christian life."
- Turning
Your Struggles into
("Put Your
Flawed Foot
Forward") - by Dan
B. Allender, Ph.D.,
Waterbrook Press,
Guidebook for
Spiritual Growth

by Richard Lovelace,
Wipf & Stock
FREEDOM: Learing to
Live as Sons and
Daugthers of God

by Rose Marie Miller,
Waterbrook Press,
Connecting with God in a
Distracting World
- by Paul Miller,
NavPress 2009

This is THE book on prayer I have been
waiting for all my Christian life. Not only
am I devouring it, I can hardly wait for
the re-read. THIS IS IT!