December 2007 - Pastor James - JUSTIFIED!
"The Maasai Blanket"
illustration of
justification by
faith - and adoption:
"A man will be justified
by faith when, excluded
from righteousness
of works, he by the
righteousness of
Christ, and clothed
in it, appears in
the sight of  God
not as a sinner,
but as righteous."
- John Calvin


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Intrepid pilot of aeroplanes? I flew VIP Pat Loller -
head of the Navigator Women's UK ministry - and
my colleague Sarah Cox to Western Kenya. We
strayed off course, got lost in (then) hostile
Tanzanian airspace and barely made it back to
Nairobi on petrol fumes. Moral: Don't trust just any
old idiot who's waving a pilot's license around!
On an outing to Keekorok, Becky and I had to wait  
for over an hour to take off - until a large herd of
elephants moved off the grass airstrip! Imagine
that at Chicago O'Hare - "Sorry folks, but our
takeoff has been delayed due to elephants on
the runway."
La Grâce Pour l'Afrique - Abidjan, Ivory Coast -
Missionary Training College - January 2008. This was the
first use of the newly completed French translation of
for Africa
which has been re-revised. Plans were for us to
return to Abidjan in July 2011 to train 160 pastors and
their wives, but the post-election civil war means that we'll
shoot for January or February 2012.
Pastor James -
"Behold, what
manner of love
the Father has
lavished on us -
that we should
be called the
children of God -
and that is
what we are!"

- 1 John 3:1
Kenya 1993 - 2003
AIM Conference - Kijabe, Kenya - Dec 2007
Liva & Nomena
- Youth for
Christ in Mahajanga. In
2003 we had three
conferences on the
Island: With AIM staff in
the captiol, Antananarivo;
with Reformed Church
pastors in the coastal city
of Toamasina; and with a
mixed national/
missionary group in
Mahajanga in
the NW.
Below: In November 2006, we returned to Madagascar to
teach the newly completed translation of
SONSHIP for Africa
(Ny Maha Zanaka) into Malagasi via interpreters, Olivia and
Serge (who understandably loves World Harvest Mission's
new name!) Razafinjatoniary. Final editing in prepararation
for printing is underway - Becky's major project.

UPDATE: 2008 - translation project stalled - other project
are taking precedent for a time.

UPDATE: APRIL 2020 - We're getting calls from Tana to
finish the Malagasi translation. We have the FUNDS, and
the Lord has raised up a fantastic translator, Dr. Olivia
Razafinjatoniary. to check and revise the work done
previously, and a "Champion," The Rev. Wolf Cilliers      
who will oversee the project to completion!,

1973 - 1977
"Mada" is the "Big Red Island" off the SE coast of Africa -
native population: Indonesian. Language: Malagasy -
linguistically kin (90%) to the language of S. Borneo.
The ART - AFRICA RENEWAL TEAM of World Harvest
Mission L to R:
The Talley Family - Jeff, Kyle, Esther &
The Longs - Johnny & Becky The Brown Family -
Gail, Alan, Eddie & Katie Team Retreat at Turtle Bay -
Kenya Coast 2001 Not present:
Scott & Lynea
- our Sonship trainers who were working
at Daystar University in Nairobi at the time.
SONSHIP for Africa Teacher Training Seminar (to certify
trainers) - World Concern Africa offices - 2003. Included
were the first two Kenyan missionaries to the Island of
Lamu on the Kenya coast. World Concern uses S4A as
part of its in-house staff training.
Farewell ceremony for the Longs at the Africa Inland
Church in Namanga, Kenya - on the Tanzania border.
Becky teaches 'Ligenet' (Sonship)
for a group of women in Addis
Ababa. The blessing was such they
begged her to return.
A few highlights ....
from our ministry in Africa - past & present
When I compare my life and
ministry to that of Dr. Berhanu
Habte, I think of that old hymn
- "Am I A Soldier of the Cross"
and ask myself, "AM I? OR, AM
Berhanu was one of the only men I've ever known who could
have (but didn't) say with Paul, "I laboured more than them
all, yet not I, but the grace of God  within me." I wish I could
have been a fly on the wall at the Gates when Berhanu was
welcomed home.
All digital photos of our ministry in TZ were
lost in a 2005 theft of two computers along
with our backup hard drive.
All digital photos of our ministry in
Niger were lost in London in a 2005
theft of two computers along with our
backup hard drive, cell phones, camera
and my PDA.
For you aviators out there: A DREAM 172 - the French
Cessna "Reims Rocket" - 210 HP Continental with
constant speed prop. It's nose heavy, but a fast flyer
for a 172. Nope... not FAA type-approved!
A most memorable day in Kenya 1995
John ole Kiroka and me - sharing the Gospel with his father and grandfather, a Maasai priest.
L to R: Ntoonto ole Kiroka (John's father) - Kapaito ole Sialala (grandfather) - John ole Kiroka (with Maasai
Bible) This was the second of three appointments to share Jesus with these men. John's grandfather made
a profession of faith on this day - trusting in the shed blood of Jesus to pay for all his sins. He had never
before heard the Gospel explained. Then, he met Jesus - in person - just six months later.
“Were I asked to focus the New Testament message in three
words, my proposal would be adoption through
(J.I. Packer in Knowing God - p.194)